DCARA Partnership with Hope In Motion



Hope In Motion has listed DCARA as a community partner in their sponsorship efforts to assist a Syrian family come to Canada. They reached their goal of $30000 to get to the next stage and one of our members, Lynn Kobayashi, will be speaking at our AGM on January 21st to provide us with an update and what role DCARA and its members can play.

They are working through Lifeline Syria as their Sponsorship Agreement Holder (SAH) and associated with the Ryerson/U of T effort.
Thanks to this, they are able to take credit card donations and give tax receipts. Not all groups are able to do this. Their Ryerson/U of T web portal/profile is here: http://www.ryerson.ca/lifelinesyria/uoft/index.html There is a menu of options to designate donations which shows as U of T – Hope in Motion.

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